3RD ANNUAL VIS MIDDLE EAST PRE-MOOT 2013, February 10-14, Abu Dhabi




Dr. Olga Nartova




Daliya Sayed

Age: 21 (As of 2013) Year: 4th Birthday girl during the event !!

I improved my legal writing skills, my arguments became stronger and I am now able to structure both arguments and memos. I have gained more confidence for public speaking. and meeting people from different cultures was a wonderful experience.

Sara Abu Taleb

Age: 23 (As of 2013) Year: 3rd

This event has allowed me to make more relationship with coaches, teams and experts especially from different countries within the field. it really advanced my research skills and helped me apply my theoretical knowledge into practice here.

Badria Modir

Final Year Student

This event has helped me practice in terms of oral arguments and better understand the difference between oral and written with the help of expert training. competing with other teams helped me assess myself and where i stand.

Fatima Kahlani

Age: 21 (As of 2013) Year: 3rd

This event has helped me improve my legal skills, analysis, writing skills, and improve oral advocacy. i met with real Arbitrators and other students from different cultures.

Reem Zahid

Age: 21 (As of 2013) Yea: 4th Year

I have expanded my international commercial arbitration knowledge and developed good communication and speaking skills

Noor Zahran

Age: 21 (As of 2013) Year: 2nd

The Pre-Mot has been very beneficial to me; it helped me in making my career choice as a lawyer and has improved my memo drafting skills, and communication skills.

Yasmeen Kathiri

Age: 22 (As of 2013) Year: 4th

I will add this experience to my cv as i see great value in it. it has enhanced my knowledge and taught me advanced practical arbitration skills .

Asmaa Al-Bakri

Age: 21 (As of 2013) Year: 3rd

We didn't get an opportunity to participate in a Middle East Pre-Moot in Saudi but after this Pre-Moot we are more confident of ourselves. I expect to come out of this with high ability to write a perfect memorandum and gave a good speech.

Layan Al Khouli

Winner of the Best Individual Oralist for Respondent Age: 20 (As of 2013) Year: 4th Year

I have learnt how to structure an argument and i have developed good presentation skills.

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